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From concept to prototype to production Inventorium is able to assist in all stages of your custom manufacturing needs. With capabilities in design, machining, laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, finishing and even complex assemblies and robotics we are ready to help.

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Some of Our Work

Our customers bring us impressive products and ideas so we get to be part of some cool stuff! We never share customers information without their express written permission. Unfortunately, that means we are not able to show you many of the projects we have worked on...

Thankfully, there are some projects where confidentiality does not apply or our customers have allowed us to share.

Here are a few that our satisfied customers have given permission to show:

Laser-cut brackets made from 6061, 5052, and 301 SS.
Molds machined from Delrin that form an indentation in plastic pill containers.
Prototype oxygen mask that would allow dogs to participate in HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jumps for USSOCOM (United States Special Operation Command)
Custom machined coin prototype for a Manufacturing with Robotics course.
Custom laser cut brackets made from 5052 aluminum and bent to 90°.
3D machined mold for a prototype cup lid.

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